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« on: February 02, 2009, 07:16:47 AM »
Pricelist of All Nokia Mobile Phone

5800 Express Music 19,200
E63 14,423
7610s 10,865
7210C Supernova 5,380
1202C 1,350
3600S 9,135
N79 19,870
N96 33,600
N85 23,560
E71 19,710
5220 7,690
6080 3,200
5610 Xpress Music 11,060
N82 19,230
5310 Xpress Music 8,080
5320 Xpress Music 10,080
7310c 7,670
1209 1,480
E51 11,320
N73M 12,790
N73-512 MB 10,000
1650 1,730
2600-Classic 3,030
6500 Slider 13,080
3120 Classic 7,200
1680 2,580
5000 4,280
E90 33,110
6220 Classic 17,310
3600s Black 9,135
E66 19,720
6210S 14,310
1200 1,280
6110 13,180
N81 13,940
N81 8GB 15,385
1208 1,480
3500C 5,470
N95 - 8GB 24,040
6300 6,730
2760 3,125
2630 3,460
E90 33,000
E61i 15,850
5700 9,000
N76 13,180
3110C 4,520
2626 2040
3230 5000
5200 4,900
5300 6,100
6131 7,690
6708 16,590
N72 7,500
N70M 9,420
2310 1,570
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« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2009, 04:54:41 PM »
is there any option to forward and rewind the video in nokia 6233


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« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2009, 07:26:52 PM »
here is your request this link contain all 6233 app check out this

enjoy with sarikatel

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« Reply #3 on: August 12, 2009, 07:42:33 PM »
Long time rivals in the mobile phone arena Nokia and Microsoft have agreed on a partnership that might result in Microsoft's Office applications appearing on Nokia phones.
The agreement, which is yet to be officially announced comes as Microsoft sees its dominance being increasingly challenged by competition like Google Docs that allow web-based office application access. With phones getting better and more "web-friendly", users are using their phones to view, edit and transfer official documents, spreadsheets and presentations, right from their phones. So, it was only a matter of time when Microsoft had to partner with Nokia, arguably the worlds largest manufacturer of mobile phones.

On the flip side, Nokia too is facing the heat from newer rivals and software platforms like the iPhone and more recently, Google's very own Android platform. Interestingly, Microsoft and Nokia too compete with each other, albeit indirectly if you add in Windows Mobile, Microsoft's smartphone OS platform to the list of competing mobile OSes. For the same reason, it is widely expected that this co-operation will only exist for MS Office access on Nokia phones and nothing beyond that.

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« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2009, 05:11:17 PM »
Nokia brings out the Booklet 3G

After nearly a quarter of a century in the telecommunications sector Nokia has launched what it believes will provide the perfect solution for the consumer' '   '  '' '    '' ' '   '' ' ' ''    ''  ' ' '    ''' '   '' ' ' ''    ''  ' ' '    '' s web surfing needs.

It is essentially a mini laptop, but at only two centimetres thick and with a display of ten inches it does not seem to be that much different from what is already on the market.

The Nokia Booklet 3G comes with an Intel Atom processor, weighing just 1.23 kilos, battery good for twelve hours, and 3G internet connectivity built into a smart aluminium body.

The mini laptop uses the Microsoft Windows platform and according to the design team, this computer will offer the user a full PC experience.

There was no mention of prices or availability of the Nokia Booklet 3G, but in a saturated market it needs to be good.

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« Reply #5 on: September 03, 2009, 05:18:00 PM »
Nokia releases more Booklet info

The telecommunications equipment maker, Nokia, has been releasing more details of its netbook computer.

The Nokia Booklet 3G is being marketed as being something different from mini laptops but, as of yet, there has not been much indication of what these differences are.

So far the features released are nothing other than you would expect to find in the average netbook.

These features include: 10.1 inch display, 1,280 x 720 display, 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor, 1 GB of RAM , 120 GB hard disk and GPS.

The resolution of 1,280 x 720 is interesting as that is not what you would find on a standard netbook, but the one thing that stands out is the twelve hour battery life, and there is also that fact that the body will be made from a single piece of aluminium, but does that warrant ' '   '  '' ' ''    ''  ' ' '   ''  '  ' '    '' 500?


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« Reply #6 on: June 24, 2010, 10:55:12 AM »
Nokia PC Suite |35.04 MB

Nokia PC Suite - software for mobile phones Nokia, which combines the various options that allow to do the following: synchronize your mobile phone and computer (supported by work with an IR port, or via cable), "fill" in the cell phone pictures and phone calls, edit the phone book, to install different gaming Java applications, browse multimedia messages, use the phone as a modem (if supported), etc.

With Nokia PC Suite, you can:
' '   '  '' '    '' ' '   '' ' ' ''    ''  ' ' '    ''' '   ''  '  ' '    ''Manage the calendar of your device to a calendar viewer Nokia Communication Centre
' '   '  '' '    '' ' '   '' ' ' ''    ''  ' ' '    ''' '   ''  '  ' '    ''Create and delete groups of contacts on your device, and add and remove group members
' '   '  '' '    '' ' '   '' ' ' ''    ''  ' ' '    ''' '   ''  '  ' '    ''Receive notification on your computer when battery power is low your phone
' '   '  '' '    '' ' '   '' ' ' ''    ''  ' ' '    ''' '   ''  '  ' '    ''start this calls to accept incoming calls from the Nokia Communication Centre
' '   '  '' '    '' ' '   '' ' ' ''    ''  ' ' '    ''' '   ''  '  ' '    ''Keep the battery through the device off in the settings notifications about calls, SMS and the battery level




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« Reply #7 on: July 10, 2010, 07:20:03 AM »
Nokia C5 Launched in India

Nokia has Launched the much awaited Nokia C5 in India.
It has 2.2 inch display with almost all connectivity options GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA,GPS but unfortunately wifi isnt there. Moreover it has 3.2 megapixel camera and a memory card slot expdble upto 16 GB.
But before u jump with joy let me tell u that it may take sometime to befor its easily available in the market

PRICE - Rs. 7,690 approx


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« Reply #8 on: July 10, 2010, 07:23:55 AM »
नोकिया ने पहली बार लांच किया डबल सिम वाला मोबा
मोबाइल हैंडसेट बाजार एक बार फिर गर्म होने वाला है और इस बार बारी है नोकिया की। नोकिया कंपनी ने भारतीय बाजार में पहली बार डुएल सिम फोन लॉन्च किया है। माइक्रोमैक्स, जेन, लेमन , कार्बन जैसी देसी कंपनियों के डुएल सिम फोन ही बाजार में बिकते थे लेकिन अब नोकिया के डुएल सिम बाजार में उतरने के बाद ग्राहकों के पास ब्रांडेड डुएल सिम फोन खरीदने का विकल्प भी रहेगा।

नोकिया ने अपनी नई सी सीरिज के साथ डुएल सिम मोबाइल फोन को बाजार में उतार दिया है। नोकिया ने सी सीरिज में चार नए हैंडसेट को बाजार में उतारा है जिसमें नोकिया ने पहली बार सी 1 और सी 2 फोन्स को ड्यूल सिम फीचर्स के साथ बाजार में लॉन्च किया है। दरअसल नोकिया की बाजार हिस्सेदारी को लगातार देसी कंपनियों के सस्ते हैंडसेट से चुनौती मिल रही थी। जिससे नोकिया के मार्केट शेयर में भी कमी देखी जा रही थी।

सी 1 फोन में जहां नोकिया पहली बार अपने हैंडसेट में ड्यूल सिम फीचर देगी वही इस फोन में आपको 6 हफ्तों तक बैटरी स्टैंड बाय टाइम मिलेगा जो नोकिया के अब तक लॉन्च हुए सभी फोनों से काफी ज्यादा है । इस फोन में आपको कई और खास फीचर्स भी मिलेंगे । इसके अलावा सी 2 मोबाइल फोन भी ड्यूल सिम फीचर के साथ आएगा । सी 2 में आप अपने दोनों नंबर्स पर मैसेजिंग और कॉल्स रिसीव कर पाएंगे। सी 2 में जहां एक सिम कार्ड बैटरी के नीचे होगा वही दूसरे सिम को आप फोन ऑन रहने के दौरान भी हटा या लगा पाएंगे । इस फोन मे आप एफ एम रेडियो का मजा ले सकेंगे और म्यूजिक स्टोर करने का विकल्प भी इसमें मौजूद रहेगा। नोकिया ने इन दोनों हैंडसेट को लाल, डार्क ग्रे, वार्म ग्रे और ग्रे सहित चार एक्साइटिंग कलर्स और ब्राइट कलर स्क्रीन के साथ उतारेगी। इस फोन में आप जीपीआरएस के द्वारा वेब ब्राउजिंग की सुविधा भी कंपनी दे रही है।

कंपनी ने ये फोन लॉन्च तो कर दिए है लेकिन ग्राहकों को इन फोन के लिए थोड़ा इंतजार करना होगा। नोकिया सी 1 फोन को सिंतबर तक बाजार में उतार सकती है जबकि सी2 फोन साल के अंत में बाजार में दस्तक दे सकता है।

नोकिया ने पहली बार डुएल सिम फोन बाजार में कदम रखा है अब ये देखना दिलचस्प होगा कि नोकिया के इस कदम के बाद सामसुंग, मोटारोला, सोना और एलजी जैसी कंपनियां कब तक और किस रेंज में अपने डुएल सिम फोन लॉन्च करती है।


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« Reply #9 on: July 10, 2010, 07:24:10 AM »
English Translation:

Mobile handset market is going to heat up again and this time Nokia's turn. Nokia company in the Indian market has launched the first Dual SIM phone. Mikromacs, Jane, lemon, domestic companies such as Carbon Dual SIM phones were sold in the market but now hit the market after Nokia's Dual SIM Dual SIM phone branded customers have the option of buying will be.

Nokia with its new C Series Dual SIM mobile phone market is removed. C-Series Nokia launched four new handsets including the Nokia phones for the first time C 1 and C 2 with the dual SIM features have been launched in the market. In fact, Nokia's market share continuously domestic companies had been challenged by cheap handsets. Nokia's market share in the reduction was seen.

C 1, where Nokia phones for the first time in their handset will feature the same Dual SIM in the phone battery stand bye time you get 6 weeks now launched on all the Nokia phones is much higher. You also meet many other special features in this phone. In addition, C-2 Dual SIM mobile phones come with features. In C2 messaging and calls on you two numbers will be able to Risiw. C 2, where a SIM card under the battery would only stay on the phone during the second SIM removed or you will find. In this phone you'll be able to enjoy FM radio and music store will present the option of it. Both Nokia handsets with a red, dark gray, warm gray and gray and bright color screen and four Ckashaiting Colors Utaregee with. This phone via GPRS web browsing feature you company is paying.

These phones have been launched by the company, but customers will have to wait a bit for these phones. C 1 to Ssintber Nokia phone market could take off the C-2 phone is knocking at year-end market.

Dual SIM phone market for the first time Nokia has stepped in now it would be interesting to see that Nokia's move after the Asamsung, Motarolah, gold, and his range and how long companies like LG Dual SIM phone is launched.



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