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News related to FaceBook
« on: November 12, 2009, 11:21:29 AM »
Security team hacks hundreds of Facebook groups
'Control Your Info' caution users to be wary

By Eric Lai | Computerworld US
Published: 10:34 GMT, 11 November 09

An anonymous group calling itself "Control Your Info" has taken over hundreds of Facebook groups to highlight what it claims is a major security weakness on the social networking site.

Facebook downplayed the incident and said no hacking or confidential information was involved.

As of this morning, more than 200 Facebook groups were hijacked and renamed "Control Your Info" . Pasted on each group's Wall was a message announcing that it had been "hijacked" and reminding members to be careful about controlling personal information on social networking sites.

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"This means we control a certain part of the information about you on Facebook. If we wanted we could make you appear in a bad way which could damage your image," the message said.

"For example we could rename your group and call it something very inappropriate and nasty, like "I support pedophile's rights," the message said while going on to assure group members that the group wouldn't do that. The message also promised to restore each hijacked group's name by the "end of next week" and promised not to "mess anything up."

A separate website set up by Control Your Info claimed that the group's action did not constitute hacking, but was a demonstration of how a legitimately available feature on Facebook can be used to easily hijack Facebook groups.

According to Control Your Info, when the administrator of a Facebook group leaves, anyone can register as a new administrator for that group. To take control of a Facebook group, a user only has to do a quick search on Google to identify public groups with no administrators.

Once someone signs up as a group administrator, that person then can do "anything" with the group, including changing its name, sending emails to members and editing information on it.

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"This is just one example that really shows the vulnerabilities of social media. If you chose to express yourself on the internet, make sure the expressions are your own," the group urged.

In an emailed statement, a Facebook spokesman downplayed the incident and said there had been no hacking and no confidential information was at risk.

"The groups in question have been abandoned by their previous owners, which means any group member has the option to make themselves an administrator in order to continue communication to the group," the spokesman said.

The spokesman further stated that Facebook group administrators have no access to confidential information. Administrators can edit a group name, moderate discussions or send a message to members only in the case of small groups, the spokesman said. "The names of large groups cannot be changed, nor can anyone message all members," he said. In cases where Facebook finds that a group name has been changed inappropriately, it will disable those groups, which is what it plans on doing in this case, he said.

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Re: News related to FaceBook
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2011, 01:22:48 PM »


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Re: News related to FaceBook
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2011, 06:52:00 PM »

फेसबुक ने पैदा कीं 2.3 लाख नौकरियां
न्यूयॉक, प्रेट्र : सोशल नेटवर्किंग वेबसाइट फेसबुक को आम तौर पर हम दोस्तों से संपर्क और लोगों से परिचय करने के मंच के रूप में ही जानते हैं। एक नए अध्ययन से पता चला है कि यह लाखों नौकरियां सृजित करने में भी मददगार है। मेरीलैंड यूनिवर्सिटी के रॉबर्ट एच स्मिथ स्कूल ऑफ बिजनेस के अध्ययन के अनुसार, ऐसा हो सकता है फेसबुक से जुड़े विभिन्न ऐप्लिकेशंस के विस्तार ने अकेले इस साल अमेरिका में दो लाख से अधिक नौकरियां पैदा की हों। जिनका कुल वेतन 15 अरब डॉलर (72 हजार करोड़ रुपये) से अधिक हो सकता है। इसमें कहा गया है कि फेसबुक के उपयोग ने 2 लाख 35 हजार 644 नई नौकरियां सृजित कीं। इससे अमेरिकी अर्थव्यवस्था में करीब 15.71 अरब डॉलर (75 हजार करोड़ रुपये) का योगदान दिया है। इस अध्ययन में कहा गया है कि इस वर्ष कम से कम 1 लाख 82 हजार ऐसी नौकरियां सृजित हुई हैं, जिनका कुल वेतन 12.19 अरब डॉलर (58 हजार करोड़ रुपये से अधिक) है। इसके अलावा फेसबुक प्लेटफॉर्म व सॉफ्टवेयर कंपनियों और ऐसी गतिविधियों से जुड़े अन्य क्षेत्रों के लिए सामग्री बनाने वाली कंपनियों को लाभ हुआ। इस नए तथ्य को ऐप इकोनॉमी नाम देते हुए अध्ययन में कहा गया है कि इससे केवल सॉफ्टवेयर कंपनियों में ही 53 हजार नई नौकरियों पैदा हुई हैं। इनमें उत्पादकता से जुड़े औजार से लेकर फार्मविले जैसे लोकप्रिय गेम तक शामिल हैं।

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Re: News related to FaceBook
« Reply #3 on: February 03, 2012, 06:52:13 PM »

भारत में फेसबुक का उपयोग करने वालों की तादाद 1 साल में हुई दोगुनी
वाशिंगटन, 03 फरवरी: लोकप्रिय सोशल नेटवर्किंग साईट फेसबुक के लिए भारत वृद्धि दर्ज करने वाले मुख्य बाजारों में शामिल है जहां इस साईट का उपयेाग करने वालों की तादाद पिछले एक साल में दोगुनी हो गई है।

फेसबुक के लिए भारत भावी वृद्धि का प्रमुख स्रोत है। कंपनी ने आरंभिक सार्वजनिक पेशकश :आईपीओ: लाने के लिए आवेदन किया है और वह इसके जरिए पांच अरब डालर जुटाना चाहती है। भारत में दर्ज 132 फीसद की वृद्धि अमेरिका सहित कई अन्य देशों के मुकाबले, अधिक है। फेसबुक ने कहा ' '  '"' '  '"अलग अलग जगहों पर वृद्धि दर अलग अलग रही लेकिन ब्राजील और भारत वृद्धि का मुख्य स्रोत रहा।

' '  '' '  'कंपनी ने कहा ' '  '"' '  '"31 दिसंबर 2011 तक भारत में हमारे सक्रिय ग्राहकों :एमएयू: की संख्या 4.6 करोड़ थी जो साल पहले के मुकाबले 132 फीसद अधिक है।' '  '' '  '
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Re: News related to FaceBook
« Reply #4 on: June 26, 2012, 01:21:58 PM »
There's not much buzz coming out
of Facebook headquarters off-
late. Maybe the disastrous IPO has
forced the company to quieten
down a bit publicly, but that hasn't
dampened the enthusiasm of
company's developers.
Quietly, Facebook has rolled out
quite a few features in the last
week or so. While some of them
are big changes which could have
far-reaching consequences in the
industry, others have more
humble targets. Here are five
changes introduced by Facebook
the past week.
1) Facebook ads on third-party
Perhaps the biggest change since
its IPO, Facebook ads have made
their first-ever appearance on a
website outside of Facebook.
Zynga, Facebook's long-time
partner, became the first website
to show Facebook ads to its
customers. Since players use
Facebook to login to the popular
gaming website, Zynga will be
able target ads based on
information users have already
shared with Facebook.
The move is being seen as the
first step towards Facebook
setting up its own ad-network,
competing directly with the likes
of Google. It has also reignited the
privacy debate, since users are
worried that information they've
shared with Facebook may be
passed on to third-party websites
for a few advertising dollars.
2) Find Friends Nearby
Announced without any fanfare or
even so much as a blog post, Find
Friends Nearby allows users to
find other site users present
nearby. The new feature locates
Facebook users in the vicinity via
geo-location and displays them in
a list. Though it has not yet been
officially announced, Find Friends
Nearby is already available for
mobile web users on iOS and
Android via
3) Comment Editing
Until Facebook started rolling out
comment editing, late last-week,
the only way to fix a typo was to
delete the entire comment and
repost the 'fixed' comment. With
the new comment-editing feature,
users can go back and edit or
delete their comments even on
existing status messages. They
can also view the edit history by
clicking on the option "edited"
that appears right below the
comment, so that everyone
involved in it can view full context
of the conversation.
4) Pay in local currencies instead
of Facebook Credits
Facebook is rolling out changes
that will let users pay developers
using their preferred currency,
rather Facebook Credits.
Presently, Facebook developers
can accept payments for their
apps only in the form of Facebook
Credits. In 2009, Facebook,
introduced a payment system
Facebook Credits or a virtual
currency was mainly used to buy
virtual goods in games like
FarmVille. Last year, 15 million
users bought virtual goods on the
site using its payments service.
"We will release local currency
support for in-app payments in
the next few months. Any apps or
games that sell virtual items will
be required to use local currency
by the end of the year," Facebook
5) Developers can charge
Facebook will let app developers
charge subscription fees, in
addition to existing one-time
payments, for games and other
applications on its site. The
change is expected to be rolled
out as early as July. This will
enable developers to charge users
a monthly or quarterly fees for
their premium products or
services. Until now, users could
only make a one-time payment
for applications.
This, combined with ability to pay
directly in currencies instead of
Facebook Credits, is likely to
renew interest of developers in
the Facebook platform


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Re: News related to FaceBook
« Reply #5 on: August 17, 2012, 11:39:48 PM »
Dear all
If somebody make fake id and one wants to complain about it? what to do? i want that id to be deleted.
pls suggest


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Re: News related to FaceBook
« Reply #6 on: August 18, 2012, 09:23:26 AM »
I want to close my facebook account how should i proceed ? help !!!


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Re: News related to FaceBook
« Reply #7 on: August 18, 2012, 02:49:34 PM »
Is there any option to close facebook account ?


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Re: News related to FaceBook
« Reply #8 on: August 18, 2012, 03:29:06 PM »


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Re: News related to FaceBook
« Reply #9 on: August 18, 2012, 03:35:12 PM »
1. go in setting

2. go in general

3. account ko Deactivate
kardevo .

and read information



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