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Mobile Price List in India
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Just to keep you all with the approximate price of various mobile devices, following is a list that should be pretty accurate. The prices are sourced from various mobile dealers across India. Prices indicated are with bill and warranty. Taxes are not included as they vary from state to state. Disclaimer: We do not claim any guarantee for the prices. It might not be correct at all times although we try our best to do the same. So take a peek below and do a little research on your own too. If you want to provide feedback, then please contact us.

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte Rs.53091
Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte Rs.53000
Nokia 8800-Sirocco Rs.52900
Nokia 8800 Arte Rs.50000
Nokia E90 Communicator Rs.33000
Nokia N96 Rs.31500
Nokia N97 Rs.31100
Nokia N86 8MP Rs.23300
Nokia N95 8GB Rs.23100
Nokia E72 Rs.23000
Nokia E75 Rs.22700
Nokia N85 Rs.21974
Nokia 6710 Navigator Rs.20000
Nokia N92 Rs.19759
Nokia E66 Rs.18890
Nokia N95 Rs.18750
Nokia N82 Rs.17996
Nokia E71 Rs.17500
Nokia 7900 Prism Rs.17300
Nokia 6220 Classic Rs.17200
Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Rs.17000
Nokia E61i Rs.15670
Nokia N81 8GB Rs.15500
Nokia N78 Rs.15000
Nokia N79 Rs.14500
Nokia 6210 Navigator Rs.14300
Nokia 6600 Slide Rs.13800
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Rs.13500
Nokia 6500 classic Rs.13500
Nokia 6700 Classic Rs.13160
Nokia 6500 slide Rs.13000
Nokia N73 Rs.12700
Nokia N73 Music Edition Rs.12600
Nokia E63 Rs.12190
Nokia 5610 Rs.11977
Nokia 7610 Supernova Rs.10074
Nokia 6212 Classic Rs.10000
Nokia 5320 XpressMusic Rs.9900
Nokia E51 Rs.9500
Nokia N70 Music Edition Rs.9450
Nokia 3600 Slide Rs.9000
Nokia 5310 Rs.8500
Nokia E50 Rs.7700
Nokia N72 Rs.7500
Nokia 7310 Supernova Rs.7464
Nokia 6600 Fold Rs.7450
Nokia 5220 XpressMusic Rs.7442
Nokia 3120 Classic Rs.7129
Nokia 7510 Supernova Rs.7000
Nokia 6233 Rs.6950
Nokia 6303 Classic Rs.6800
Nokia 3610 Fold Rs.6795
Nokia 6300 Rs.6750
Nokia 5300 Rs.6000
Nokia 5130 XpressMusic Rs.5539
Nokia 3500 Classic Rs.5395
Nokia 7210 Supernova Rs.5086
Nokia 5200 Rs.4700
Nokia 6085 Rs.4600
Nokia 2700 Classic Rs.4469
Nokia 5000 Rs.4305
Nokia 3110 Evolve Rs.4300
Nokia 3110 classic Rs.4200
Nokia 2680 Slide Rs.3997
Nokia 6080 Rs.3800
Nokia 2505 Rs.3600
Nokia 2630 Rs.3426
Nokia 2660 Rs.3145
Nokia 2760 Rs.3136
Nokia 2600 Classic Rs.3020
Nokia 2330 classic Rs.3000
Nokia 1680 Classic Rs.2575
Nokia 2323 classic Rs.2400
Nokia 5030 XpressRadio Rs.2144
Nokia 2626 Rs.1927
Nokia 1661 Rs.1783
Nokia 1650 Rs.1744
Nokia 1208 Rs.1500
Nokia 1209 Rs.1436
Nokia 1202 Rs.1300
Nokia 1203 Rs.1294
Nokia 1200 Rs.1272
Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 Rs.35000
Sony Ericsson C905 Rs.26800
Sony Ericsson Aino Rs.25500
Sony Ericsson W960i Rs.23600
Sony Ericsson W980 Rs.21190
Sony Ericsson G900 Rs.19500
Sony Ericsson C902 Rs.18000
Sony Ericsson C903 Rs.15800
Sony Ericsson W760i Rs.15495
Sony Ericsson C702 Rs.14700
Sony Ericsson W890i Rs.14000
Sony Ericsson W830i Rs.13467
Sony Ericsson G700 Rs.13200
Sony Ericsson W595 Rs.12393
Sony Ericsson W910i Rs.12200
Sony Ericsson K770i Rs.11600
Sony Ericsson T700 Rs.11500
Sony Ericsson K810i Rs.10600
Sony Ericsson C510 Rs.10057
Sony Ericsson K790i Rs.9600
Sony Ericsson K660i Rs.9400
Sony Ericsson W660i Rs.8951
Sony Ericsson W580i Rs.8900
Sony Ericsson W380i Rs.7800
Sony Ericsson K530i Rs.7200
Sony Ericsson K550i Rs.7100
Sony Ericsson F305 Rs.7099
Sony Ericsson S302 Rs.6288
Sony Ericsson Z555i Rs.5700
Sony Ericsson S312 Rs.5175
Sony Ericsson W205 Rs.4899
Sony Ericsson T303 Rs.4650
Sony Ericsson W200i Rs.4100
Sony Ericsson T280 Rs.4060
Sony Ericsson R306 Radio Rs.3700
Sony Ericsson K320i Rs.3635
Sony Ericsson T250i Rs.3147
Sony Ericsson R300 Radio Rs.3100
Sony Ericsson K330 Rs.2700
Sony Ericsson K220i Rs.1923
Sony Ericsson J132 Rs.1775
Sony Ericsson J120i Rs.1750
Samsung i8510 Innov8 Rs.39900
Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Rs.27600
Samsung M8800 Pixon Rs.22300
Samsung S8300 UltraTouch Rs.22256
Samsung G600 Rs.16500
Samsung GT-M7500 Rs.16300
Samsung TouchWiz Rs.14800
Samsung Beat 450 Rs.12000
Samsung GT-S7330 Rs.11900
Samsung D880 Rs.10900
Samsung S5603 Star 3G Rs.10800
Samsung i200 Rs.10300
Samsung U800 Soul b Rs.9200
Samsung S5233 Star Rs.8700
Samsung E840 Rs.8247
Samsung D840 Rs.8200
Samsung D780 Rs.8000
Samsung Beat 270 Rs.7400
Samsung Beat 3510 Rs.7300
Samsung L700 Rs.6700
Samsung S3500 Rs.5796
Samsung J700 Rs.5375
Samsung J600 Rs.5000
Samsung Metro 3310 Rs.4800
Samsung J150 Rs.4450
Samsung E250 Rs.4000
Samsung M610 Rs.3900
Samsung C3053 Rs.3875
Samsung C3010S Rs.3300
Samsung M150 Rs.2900
Samsung M120 Rs.2880
Samsung GT-E1410 Rs.2776
Samsung E2100 Rs.2600
Samsung X210 Rs.2500
Samsung Guru 300 Rs.2450
Samsung Guru 220 Rs.2250
Samsung Solar Guru E1107 Rs.2230
Samsung Guru 200 Rs.2100
Samsung C170 Rs.2096
Samsung Guru 1210 Rs.1785
Samsung GT-E1117 Rs.1700
Samsung B130 Rs.1480
Samsung E1100 Rs.1450
Samsung E1070 Rs.1445
Motorola Aura Rs.90000
Motorola VE66 Rs.19200
Motorola ZN5 Rs.15600
Motorola RAZR2 V8 Rs.15100
Motorola ROKR E6 Rs.9800
Motorola U9 Rs.9761
Motorola EM30 Rs.7536
Motorola ZN300 Rs.6900
Motorola A810 Rs.6743
Motorola SLVR L9 Rs.5400
Motorola EM325 Rs.4957
Motorola W388 Rs.3086
Motorola W270 Rs.2899
Motorola L6i Rs.2540
Motorola W230 Rs.2434
Motorola W181 Rs.1600
LG KG195 Rs.3675
LG KG276 Rs.1350
Blackberry Bold 9000 Rs.30500
Blackberry 8820 Rs.29300
Blackberry 8800 Rs.28475
Blackberry Storm 9500 Rs.26300
Blackberry Pearl 8120 Rs.26000
Blackberry Pearl 8100 Rs.16570
Palm Treo 750 Rs.21800
Palm Centro Rs.13895
O2 Xda Zinc Rs.36600
O2 XDA Atom Exec Rs.34700
O2 XDA Atom Life Rs.33400
O2 XDA Stealth Rs.27000
O2 XDA Atom Rs.25900
i-mate JASJAM Rs.36500
i-mate JAQ3 Rs.20300
i-mate SPL Rs.13999
Fly MX200i Rs.6100
Fly SX210 Rs.5883
Fly SL500i Rs.4400
Fly MP600 Rs.3200
Fly M110 Rs.2550
HP iPAQ hw6965 Rs.37800
HP iPAQ rw6828 Rs.33900
HP IPAQ 512 Rs.11250
HTC G1 Rs.25000
HTC Touch Dual Rs.24700
HTC S710 Rs.13700
Apple iPhone 3G Rs.30000
Dopod U1000 Rs.47800
Dopod C800 Rs.33200
Dopod 818 Pro Rs.22400
Dopod C720W Rs.19000
Dopod S301 Rs.9199
Spice S909 Rs.13100
Spice S900 Rs.12500
Spice S920 Rs.9750
Spice S404n Rs.2300
Usha Lexus
Usha Lexus 808B Rs.8999
Usha Lexus 787B Rs.3550


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Re: Mobile Price List in India
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You have a long list of mobiles with its price tags.Good job!!


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Re: Mobile Price List in India
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