Author Topic: Are We Mature Enough to use Social Media?  (Read 654 times)


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Are We Mature Enough to use Social Media?
« on: October 13, 2014, 05:45:47 PM »
Are We Mature Enough to use Social Media?

Now days with cheap internet on cheap mobile we see too much cheapness on social media, now there are various social media like messengers line Watsapp, hike, we chat where we can make groups and chat appears to whole groups, Twitter and Facebook where people can see what we are writing or sharing, Youtube where we can put our videos,  Forum and Blogs where we can do discussion on many issues. In Forum and blogs there are Admin and Moderators who keeps eye on content and remove if it's not appropriate But in Facebook, Twitter and Messengers people are doing too much immoral things, even FaceBook and Twitter try to remove objectionable content but if it survive for some days then it's enough to reach maximum people and fulfill purpose of content up-loader. But messengers like Whatsapp, Hike and WeChat become a totally free medium to exchange all possible junk.

After Chain messages, one more serious psychological problem is that whole social media become a hub of personal attacks, it become easy way for people to do personal attack and from ministers to voters, from celebrity to common man, all are part of it. And it's very disgraceful for whole mankind that instead of discussing ideas and values we are busy in personal attacks which have no vital use, as there is no importance of discussion of one particular individual but need of ideas & values, which survive for eras. And shamelessness is that people sometimes attacking others sans reasons just because they got fits of personal envy. In country side you will observe that sometimes person in drunk conditions start shouting on some other person in street and whole street is listing it but no one dare to stop him as all think that it's not happening to them and they will hope it will not happen to them in future also, but they can't understand that if this person is doing some antisocial behavior  to one person then  why not he can do it with them on next very day.

This very scenario can observe in sometimes in groups of messenger where people are shouting on others and many people remain silent, In this situation Admin can play game changing role, and very simple thing can be do is to remove such person who is against whole spirit of social groups. There can be no room for personal attacks in social groups. At Real Info from more than six years, we are following it in very strict way, that if anyone dare to make personal attack, then that very moment we remove that member from forum. But now there are many groups where no one cares about it. But it's question on human nature and on which way we are directing it, to socialization or barbarianism.  May be issue lies in our Education, as technology is reached to us and all these things, but no one here to teach us what's wrong and right in it, no one is here to educate us to make use of it in civilized way. And in this teachers can play important roles to give some moral values to make use of social media in social ways.




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