Author Topic: Difficult to prepare Players for Olympics, Let's try cheap option  (Read 732 times)


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Difficult to prepare Players for Olympics, Let's try cheap option

To prepare one player for Olympics there's need to wait fifteen years and with fifteen years investment of time, energy and money, a player got ready to give fifteen seconds performance and that gave him and his country a pride moment of being a world champion. If we try to calculate in India, to prepare one player then atleast need of one thousands rupees diet and one thousands need to give player for his other need so he can concentrate only at sports and thus excluding all other expenses of Coaches, sports equipments, stadium and everything-else, there is atleast need to spend more than than seven lakh on a player and it's for fifteen years. and to get one player in one sport there is need of such alteast one hundred players all over India. Thus it means 7,00,000 X 15 X 100 = more than hundred Crore and if India tries for one hundred games of Olympics then it means more than ten thousands Crore Indian rupees.

May this amount is nothing as compare to shame that whole country feels on every Olympics, when more than 125 Crore people's country is struggling to get a single medal and it become more shameful when small countries like Japan, Korea are much higher than India in Medal Tally and China was nearly to beat whole world.

But there is a solution for it, it's cheap kinda solution, but working great from many years. For it we just need less than twenty five national level players, and that game should be so complex in nature that it can hide real ability of player which is not possible in athletics sports of Olympics, as in that winner and looser just have difference less than a second, other thing is needed in that game is that it must not played by China, USA, France, Germany, Japan, Korea and other giants of Olympics. As then only possible to become world winner as without giving false feeling to being a world champion there is no possibility to have support of people of country. And hence by that sport to which we call Cricket  it's possible.

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