Author Topic: Cricket as a religion in South Asia  (Read 659 times)


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Cricket as a religion in South Asia
« on: April 06, 2014, 09:43:20 PM »
Although Cricket has origins in the British Empire, it is followed as a religion in South Asia, probably due to the influence of the former during their rule. The sport is equally popular among all groups of the society, and is not subject to gender or age constraints. It marks the epitome of reverence and is considered a battle for self-esteem, not only for those playing, but for those watching as well. The intensity of emotional attachment with this sport renders certain public health benefits as well as drawbacks to the general masses.

Sports and Games provide world winning feeling for some counties while for others competitors are of only countries of their continent, like European countries feel not much to win world as many of them did in previous centuries when colonialism was at peak, but they feel good to beat other European countries in games, and rugby is one of best example. In case of USA they feel to compete with themselves and basketball is proving good for them to do it, while countries which got free just a few decades ago, they have high spirit and zeal to win whole world and in this Cricket is boon for them, as by Cricket even Bangladesh or Sri Lanka can dream to win world, by wining world cup in cricket.   And it's more easy to have World Cup, as most of countries are not much interested in this game may be as it's not much good for health, as out of 22 players, few have actively take part and thus no compare with Rugby, Basket Ball or Football. And also Batting, bowling and fielding, the three elements that make up the game of cricket, each carry their own injury risks.

While Olympics is something in which almost every country is interested but it's one of serious affair in sports, to take part in Olympics  every country has to send several hundred players as there is huge number of games in it, and it also represent  somewhat real picture of countries and boards. It's not so easy to win in Olympics as competition is hard and real.  As low physiological requirements of playing cricket compared to other sports,  so it act as  shortcut for those counties who unable to prepare players for Olympics. And now cricket made world winning more easy as need not to wait for four years to have World Cup, as almost every year there is chance to win world Cup on name of T-20, IPL, Test matches and Series. 

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