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A Game for Third World Countries
« on: March 24, 2015, 06:09:53 PM »
A Game for Third World Countries

A few decades ago, there was need of a game for third world countries, which fulfill some conditions as follows.

First there's Need of a game where instead of capability destiny and luck rules, as it's difficult to prepare players who could compete world level game, so a game where there's too many calculations was good to hide incapability of players. And destiny factor was easily cashed in under-developed countries, as people there were more dependent on luck factor instead of action & work

Second it must be time consuming and must not over within a hour or two, as people were too free to waste time, so there's need of game which at least run for five to six hours. As people didn't have anything to do as quality time, so watching a long going game was better option.

Third factor of too many calculations also admire by bookies, as gambling only could possible if there were too many calculations where money could be put to take your chance. And there's need of economical aspect that might lead a game to higher level and made available to all people. And too many, buy simple calculations also give a feel good factor to below average intelligent person that he would able to understand the Game.

Forth instead of health oriented, the game must be that which brings injuries and also bound to play even unhealthy person. Many multinationals companies were interested in bad health of third world countries to sell their medicines. So promoting a game that could enhance health was dangerous. And the game should have tendency to turn a master plaster to a master blaster.

Fifth condition was that need to identify game which is not played by big & developed countries like USA, Russia, China, Germany, France, Italy, and Japan, and even not in games oriented countries like Argentina and Brazil, As if they would played then there’s no chance for third world countries to win on world level, and if there’s no hope to win on world level then people would not feel any interest in that game. To avoid to be noticed by even average intelligence, some countries which have multi sports interest also needed to include in this game, so people not able to guess that this not a world’s game.

And then there was a game which fulfilled all above conditions and needs, and now more than twenty billions people enjoying it, watching it and few also playing it.

Jack Elixir



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