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Indian Bazaar / Re: IndusInd Bank
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Indian Bazaar / Re: New related to OIL
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Top News / Re: Indian Railway
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Indian Bazaar / Re: sebi
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TV / Re: Television
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1st update for 18.04.2018 247 Music HD (10887 V) left TürkmenÄlem/MonacoSat @ 52° East 247 Movie HD (10887 V) left TürkmenÄlem/MonacoSat @ 52° East 247 Series HD (10887 V) left TürkmenÄlem/MonacoSat @ 52° East TRT World (Vivacom, 11477 V) FTA now Intelsat 904 @ 45.1° East Rossiya 24 (Vivacom, 11477 V) FTA now Intelsat 904 …

Startrack Srt 3070 Hd Platinum v4101 30-9-2017

MBC Network Group New Frequency 2018 The Middle East Broadcasting Center (branded as MBC or MBC Group) is the first private free-to-air satellite broadcasting company in the Arab World. It was launched in London in 1991 and later moved to its headquarters in Dubai in 2002. MBC Group provides multiple channels of information, interaction and …

Scan Tv New Biss Key 2018 The materials are for your personal use and for non-commercial purposes. They can not be copied, reproduced, republished, modified, transmitted, or distributed in any way, without the prior permission of SCAN TV. The use of materials from any other website or medium without the permission of SCAN TV is …

Starsat Sr 3090 HD Software 16-4-2018

All Satellites Frequencies Update 16-4-2018 4th update for 16.04.2018 ANC TV (11096 V) on Türksat 3A @ 42° East HTV (11096 V) left Türksat 3A @ 42° East ANC TV (12685 H) on Türksat 3A @ 42° East HTV (12685 H) left Türksat 3A @ 42° East TMC (My-HD, 10810 V) left Badr-5 @ 26° …

Amos 3, 4°W New SR for Hir TV on 11303.50MHz, pol.H: SR:8888 ( FEC:3/4 SID:2 PID:200/201 Hungarian – Conax). Xtra TV: New SR for Da Vinci Learning on 11303.50MHz, pol.H: SR:8888 ( FEC:3/4 SID:9 PID:900/901 Polish,902 mul,903 Hungarian,904 Ukrainian,905 Russian – Conax). Astra 2E, 28.2°E Sky Digital: Sky Family is back on 11934.00MHz, pol.V SR:27500 …

"ZAIQA" "Business-PLUS" PAKSAT-1R (38.0E) TP.4126 V 5000 MPEG'4 HD FTA StarteD

Asiasat-7 (105.5E)
TP.3750 V 2333

AXN, Celestial Movies, Animal Planet,
KIX, Fight Sports
.Discvery B4u music
Chinasat 10
3520 V 30000
3560 V 30000

New-channel "TV'LAO2 HD"
THAICOM.5(78.5E) TP.11170 H 30000

"Royal-classic" Asiasat-7 (105.5E) TP.4070 H 2963 MPEG-4 HD FTA StarteD
Crypto / Re: Crypto News
« Last post by Amandeep on April 20, 2018, 12:11:01 PM »
BitDegree, a Lithuanian cryptocurrency startup, hopes to help change the face of online education through their online platform and cryptocurrency.

The blockchain technology is blasting our modern world. No matter if you are a newcomer in this market or a professional trader, it is easier to become a cryptocurrency holder than you think. There not that many people who have several spare thousand dollars to buy Bitcoin. You’d rather take a smaller amount and spend it for a completely new but promising cryptocurrency that will gain its value with some time.

Crypto markets are maturing, it remains to be seen how many companies that have raised money by issuing tokens will be alive in the next two years.  For anyone serious about blockchain technology and ICOs, Blockchain Expo Global is a must event to attend and this year, the event has attracted even more visitors than before.

Listing properties for Bitcoin is an emerging trend. Now, one cryptocurrency believer is opening up his six-story brick-and-mortar home on New York’s Upper East Side for purchase with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Digital currency trade Huobi has declared that it is setting up a London-based office as it looks to extend itself outside of Asia.

Saxo Bank analysts have called the beginning of a new period of growth for cryptocurrency prices, eyeing Q2 2018 as a “springboard” for fresh upside. ‘Self-Fulfilling Prophecy’ In its Quarterly Outlook this week, the famously pro-Bitcoin institution said a mixture of global political uncertainty, tightening of credit access and commodities volatility could all see new money pouring into crypto markets.

Cryptocurrency mining orders have helped set a new monthly sales record for Taiwanese semiconductor maker TSMC.

Blockchain startup Gem has created a one-stop shop crypto services platform comprised of a portfolio tracker, a wallet and a 'discovery tool.'

A pair of Walmart patent applications discuss encrypting payment information using a blockchain.

Belgium has contributed €2 Million to support U.N. World Food Programme projects, including its blockchain payments pilot for Syrian refugees.

One of the few cypherpunks in a room full dominated by financial services, Szabo urged blockchain developers not to forget about decentralization.

With fatigue for trials setting in, business blockchain builders are talking creatively about how to handle the costs of distributed ledger networks.

World Talks / Re: PAKISTAN
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World Talks / Re: USA
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World Talks / Re: World News Updates
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