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Crypto / Re: Crypto News
« Last post by Amandeep on May 26, 2018, 03:30:12 PM »
Cryptocurrency trading just became faster and easier than ever before with the launch of Wisebitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency trading service offering leverage levels up to 20:1 utilizing the MetaTrader 5 trading engine. KINGSTOWN, ST VINCENT AND GRENADINES MAY 26, 2018— Wisebitcoin is pleased to announce that their pioneering cryptocurrency trading platform is now up and running. The platform utilizes the MT5 trading engine and has earned the distinction of becoming the first ever crypto ...

CryptoKitties Charity Auction Raises $15K for Children’s Hospital CryptoKitties just helped raise $15,000 for a children’s hospital. Bella’s Kitty Den, a marketplace for CryptoKitties, launched a charitable initiative – Kitties for a Cause – in April 2018 to raise funds for the Seattle Children’s Hospital, according to a medium post. The effort raised 21.6 ether…...

Czech Energy Company to Crowdfund Projects, Sell Gas With Crypto A Czech gas and energy company Pražská plynárenská is planning to crowdfund energy projects in and around Prague with cryptocurrency, local news outlet Hospodářské noviny reported May 25.

Speaking on the future of central banking, Mark Carney says the primary role of banks is maintain trust in money. As for cryptocurrencies, a Bank of England-backed coin is, for now, not being seriously considered because the current volatility inherent in the coins prevent them from being a secure medium of exchange. At the panel......

Adult actress Stormy Daniels has partnered with Vice Industry Token to add cryptocurrency incentives for website users.

Crypto / Re: Crypto News
« Last post by Amandeep on May 25, 2018, 01:18:47 PM »
Crypto mining is on the rise as bad actors have discovered decentralized mining is a lot cheaper than setting up a rig and paying the electricity bills to compete with massive mining pools and Apple users are not immune from being crypto jacked. Mac Cryptominer uses Legitimet Software In an earlier story this year NewsBTC......

Technology and military experts suggest that candidates for defense jobs may not be able to obtain a necessary security clearance if they own Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.  The Struggle for Tech Talent in the Defense Sector The Pentagon is struggling to hire new tech talent.

New estimates have found that criminals have stolen around $1.2 billion in cryptocurrencies since the start of 2017, further highlighting how the market is becoming a lucrative market to criminals. EU GDPR Law May Impact Criminal Investigations The figure was released by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), which was looking into the cryptocurrency market in addition......

Bank of Spain Governor: Cryptocurrencies Pose ‘More Risks Than Benefits’ The head of Spain’s central bank believes in blockchain technology, but is far more uneasy about cryptocurrencies. Banco de Espana governor Luis Maria Linde discussed cryptocurrencies during a recent speech organized by auditing firm Deloitte, saying that they “present more risks than benefits.”

Spanish central bank governor Luis Maria Linde believes cryptocurrencies are dangerous, but is open to blockchain technology.

A monero cryptominer based on XMRig is hijacking Macs, causing high CPU and fan usage.

Revolut App Adds XRP, Bitcoin Cash to Crypto Options

Deutsche Boerse AG is assessing whether to offer cryptocurrency-related products, a company exec has said during an event.

The U.S. Department of Justice is reportedly investigating cryptocurrency traders who may have manipulated the markets using old-school tricks.

Crypto / Re: Crypto News
« Last post by Amandeep on May 24, 2018, 01:14:49 PM »
The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) is facing a lawsuit from a cryptocurrency exchange in the African country following the RBZ’s recent order to all registered financial institutions to stop all forms of cryptocurrency trading. The central bank also instructed cryptocurrency exchanges to shut down their operations. 

San Francisco based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will give it’s users the ability to trade “hundreds of coins” through its acquisition of Paradex, a decentralized platform that enables users to trade digital currency via smart contracts which are recorded on the blockchain. Coinbase’s New Acquisition Gives Customers Access to Hundreds of Coins Coinbase announced the take over on Wednesday, May 24,......

Norway and England Contemplate Central Bank-Issued Cryptocurrencies The central banks of Norway and England have published reports exploring different models for central bank-issued cryptocurrencies. By contrast, Federal Reserve governor, Lael Brainard, recently expressed her opposition to central bank cryptocurrencies – claiming that such would result in broad “macroeconomic consequences.”

Weiss Ratings: Cryptocurrency Will Become ‘Fundamentally Safer’ Than Banks

Altcoin Verge Hacked For Second Time In Two Months, Around $1.4 Mln Stolen Privacy-focused cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) has been the victim of another hack, in which 35 mln XVG were stolen over a period of a few hours, The Next Web reported yesterday, May 22. Verge tweeted that their mining pools were under a DDOS attack on…...

As cryptocurrencies continue to increase in popularity and adoption, investors and users are experiencing an increase in malicious coin miners that utilize the semi-anonymity offered by cryptocurrencies for financial gain. ITWeb Security Summit  This is according to Helge Husemann, product manager for Malwarebytes who spoke at ITWeb’s Security Summit 2018.

Monero's Lead Developer Is Helping Launch a Crypto Trading Protocol

Huobi Pro Launches New Crypto Market Index

China has prosecuted nearly 100 individuals said to be involved with locally operating the OneCoin cryptocurrency scheme.

India Considers New Tax on Cryptocurrency Trades-  India could soon impose goods and services tax (GST) on many digital currency transactions, a report indicates.

Singapore's central bank is proposing a change to existing exchange market rules aimed to ease blockchain adoption and decentralization.

Crypto / Re: Crypto News
« Last post by Amandeep on May 22, 2018, 02:31:24 PM »
Blockchain on the Rise in 2018 Despite Crypto Price Decline

Players enjoying The Simpsons: Tapped Out game will get a taste of the crypto industry with a new quest featuring blockchain and Bitcoin mining. Blockchain technology seems to have an easier time of integrating into mainstream society than the cryptocurrencies that it supports. Whether in sports or electronics, blockchain seems to be the technology of choice.

FOMO Moments It appears that we’re in for another week of yo-yoing on crypto markets, Monday up, Tuesday down. Momentum could not carry markets over $400 billion and they’ve fallen back today in the same pattern we’ve seen for the past week. The buying starts in Asia and the selling starts in America and the......

Bitcoinist recently caught up with Bernard Peh, one of only 56 Ethereum Certified developers in the world, and picked his brain on his current project, the state of the cryptocurrency market, and what being “Ethereum Certified” even means.  Bitcoinist: You are one of only 59 Ethereum Certified developers in the world. What exactly does “Ethereum Certified” mean, exactly? BP: First of all, I like to congratulate B9lab for setting the golden standard in Ethereum Certification. ...

A report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission indicates that Australians lost millions of dollars to crypto-related scams in 2017.

An "international crackdown" on cryptocurrency scams was launched Monday by a group of securities regulators.

Bitcoin Took a Hit Last Week But These Cryptos Fared Worse

The former chief executive of Hong Kong-based crypto exchange OKEx has said he is joining rival platform Huobi just a week after his resignation.

Crypto Tribalism Is Holding Back Blockchain

Bitcoin has bounced back above $8,500, but the rally is not backed by decent trading volumes, the technical charts indicate.

Colorado's Secretary of State has proposed allowing political committees to accept contributions in cryptocurrency.
Crypto / Re: Crypto News
« Last post by Amandeep on May 21, 2018, 12:06:56 PM »
The Smart Justice service is an innovative and community-driven way to resolve disputes in the crypto industry. Top-50 FinTech company, BANKEX, launched the beta version of its service on the 14th of May as a way to introduce complete partiality during these disputes. There is no doubt that blockchain technology has the potential to drastically change our lives.  It offers security, immutability and a high level of transparency.

FOMO Moments Another Monday morning in crypto land brings us a little more hope as markets are once again climbing back towards $400 billion. Bullish technical signals are aplenty and Bitcoin is currently 2.9% up on the day at $8,500. The weekend has been flat with no news or momentum in either direction. Altcoins are......

Goldman Sachs President to Become CEO by End of Year, More Crypto Involvement Expected

The cryptocurrency market continues to be a trending topic in the world of finance. However, the question remains; when will Wall Street banks begin crypto trading? The day is closer than we think, according to a former J.P. Morgan executive. Big Banks to Start Trading Cryptocurrency Soon Amber Baldet, formerly of J.P Morgan believes that the big banks will soon start trading cryptocurrency. She made this declaration during an interview with CNBC.

Blockchain Week New York City aka Consensus 2018 was highly anticipated within the cryptocurrency ecosystem with many analysts expecting the event to trigger a new bullish momentum for Bitcoin and altcoins. The market, however, managed to lose $52 billion during the week of the conference.

Crypto / Re: Crypto News
« Last post by Amandeep on May 20, 2018, 01:31:04 PM »
An increasing number of millennials are utilizing bitcoin marketplaces and peer-to-peer exchanges like Paxful to invest in the cryptocurrency market as a store of value and an alternative payment system to banks. Millennials Better Suited to Lead Cryptocurrency Adoption Earlier this year, Columbia University Business School professor Chris Castiglione stated that millennials are better suited......

For decades architects and futurists have dreamed of seasteading, a way of living in floating, green-tech cities on the high seas. Now, thanks to the help of a cryptocurrency, the world’s first pilot project is underway. The Seasteading Cryptocurrency A group of academics, investors, and philanthropists are launching a cryptocurrency to help fund the construction of 300 homes on an artificial island in French Polynesia.

MP Suggests Iran and Russia Use Cryptocurrencies to Combat U.S. Economic Sanctions

More and more top brass from traditional financial companies is joining cryptocurrency startups. The latest is an ex-CEO of Visa UK and Ireland. ‘SEAMLESS’ PAYMENTS The former CEO of Visa UK and Ireland has joined a cryptocurrency startup looking to make cards for everyday shopping. Marc O’Brien, CEO of Visa UK and Ireland from 2008 to 2014, was announced as CEO of cryptocurrency payments startup Crypterium on Thursday.

Bitcoin Press Release: Until mid-July 2018 you can take part in the token sale organized by Ubcoin, a blockchain platform that utilizes the model used by online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay to create the world’s first truly efficient alternative to traditional crypto exchanges. Ubcoin users will be able to acquire cryptocurrency simply by selling real goods and to spend [...]...

India, one of the largest countries in the world with a population of 1.3 billion potential future users of cryptocurrencies, remains in a legal limbo as cryptocurrency exchanges await more clarity from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the country’s supreme court. Operators have recently been barred by banks, under orders from the central......

Crypto / Re: Crypto News
« Last post by Amandeep on May 19, 2018, 12:44:17 PM »
Sales of DRAM chips in Japan and the rest of the world have declined. The lull in cryptocurrency prices and the decline in smartphone sales are likely responsible for the decrease in sales. Lower Prices Cool Crypto Enthusiasm According to a recent Morgan Stanley report, the decline in cryptocurrency prices has negatively impacted the semiconductor market. With crypto prices falling, miners can end up operating at a loss.

Indian Supreme Court Upholds Central Bank’s Crypto Dealings Ban Until July Hearing The Supreme Court of India has decided that no petitions can be filed in any High Court of India against the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) April 6 circular about ending all dealings with cryptocurrency, according to local news outlet Inc42. Citing a Twitter post May 17 from a…...

As the G20 works to create a set of “unified regulations” in regards to cryptocurrencies, the government of South Korea — the third largest cryptocurrency market in the world — reportedly plans on playing ball with whichever policies the international forum of governments and central bank governors put into place.

Zcash Leaves Crypto Market Behind with 50 Percent Weekly Spike The cryptocurrency markets are flashing red as the third week of May comes to close. The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has dropped by 14.48 percent to $366 billion in the last 7 days, taking the month-to-date losses close to 30 percent, according to CoinMarketcap.

Colombia: Newly Formed Blockchain Association Aims for Dialogue With Government Six public and private Colombian companies have joined forces to launch the Colombia Blockchain Association, Spanish news agency EFE reported May 17. The Association describes itself as aiming to support the country’s crypto and blockchain ecosystems and to advise the national government on matters concerning regulation of…...

Colorado Proposal Aims to Allow Cryptocurrency Donations for Campaigns The state of Colorado is considering giving political candidates the ability to raise funds using cryptocurrencies.

Zcash Leaves Crypto Market Behind with 50 Percent Weekly Spike

Another cryptocurrency project has been busted by law enforcement in China for allegedly soliciting money from investors with fraudulent claims.

Crypto / Re: Crypto News
« Last post by Amandeep on May 18, 2018, 12:29:26 PM »
Cryptocurrencies to be Called “Digital Money” in Russia, Tokens – “Digital Rights” Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has shed some light on the progress authorities are making towards adopting the long-awaited crypto regulations. Legislators will replace common words like “cryptocurrencies” and “tokens” with legal terms such as “digital money” and “digital rights”, he revealed.

A seasoned counselor at the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) maintains that the control for currency issuance should remain within the government. The senior official also said that blockchain technology must remain astray from finance. His statements come despite the country’s intentions to create a state-owned cryptocurrency.

FOMO Moments Crypto markets have been yo-yoing all week, one day up the next down. We end the week in the red once again as prices have fallen across the board and Asia is leading the selloff.

A Japanese bank has formed partnerships with specialists in crypto security and Bitcoin investment managers to become the first crypto custody bank. Partnership Creates First Crypto Custody Bank Institutional investors have been restricted from making large-scale investments in digital assets due to the lack of security and infrastructure. Now Japanese Bank Nomura has formed partnerships to become the first bank with the ability......

Fed Governor Says ‘No Compelling Need’ for US Central Bank Crypto Lael Brainard, member of the board of governors at the U.S. Federal Reserve, has said she does not see a “compelling” need for a Fed-issued digital currency. Speaking at the Decoding Digital Currency Conference yesterday in San Francisco, Brainard said that, while central bank digital currencies…...

Another cryptocurrency project has been busted by law enforcement in China for allegedly soliciting money from investors with fraudulent claims.

Fed governor Lael Brainard has said that cryptocurrencies do not pose a threat, and there is "no compelling need" for a Fed-issued digital currency.

Civic has launched a decentralized identity verification system, and crypto social network platform Hilo is the first to use it.

Accenture and Intel are to help develop a Hyperledger-based securities lending platform for the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.

IT giant Infosys has built a blockchain-based trade finance platform involving seven Indian banks including ICICI and Axis.
Crypto / Re: Crypto News
« Last post by Amandeep on May 17, 2018, 10:27:10 AM »
‘BitLicense Refugees’: ShapeShift, Kraken Talk Escape from New York If you wanted to hear red-meat rhetoric about New York State’s regulatory approach, a fireside chat Tuesday between two of the cryptocurrency industry’s most outspoken leaders delivered. For example, the audience at Consensus 2018 in New York City cheered when ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees invoked a…...

PayPal CFO Says Merchants Aren’t Interested in Crypto Due to Volatility PayPal CFO John Rainey said in an interview with CNBC May 16, that the company doesn’t see much interest in digital currencies because price volatility threatens the viability of their merchants’ businesses. Centralized payment service PayPal was a pioneer in accepting cryptocurrencies.

Jennifer Aniston, Prince Charles Falsely Used to Promote Crypto Scam Texas’ securities watchdog has issued an emergency cease-and-desist order to a purported cryptocurrency investment scheme that it says tried to dupe investors with fake endorsements from high-profile individuals.

CryptoCup, a project creating a blockchain-powered betting platform for the forthcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup, has announced it will roll out the product on May 21st. The project has also announced that Greg Colvin, the organizer of the fellowship of Ethereum Magicians and core developer of Ethereum Virtual Machine, has joined Cryptocup as an advisor.

Texas' securities regulator has issued a cease-and-desist to a crypto investment scheme that faked endorsements from high-profile individuals.

President of Chile’s Central Bank Considers Cryptocurrency Regulation, Says It Is Useful for ‘Monitoring Risks’ Mario Marcel, the president of Chile’s Central Bank, is considering regulating cryptocurrencies in the country in order to monitor risks, local news outlet El Economista reported Tuesday, May 15. Cryptocurrencies in Chile are not currently considered as money or securities, but there are no…...

CNET founder and early Salesforce investor Halsey Minor has revealed new details on his latest cryptocurrency project VideoCoin.

Social investing platform eToro will launch a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange and mobile wallet and expand to the U.S. this year.

Bitmain is investing big in blockchain firm Circle as part of an ambitious bid to clean up one of the more gray aspects of the crypto economy.

Gemini exchange has added zcash trading and custody services in New York after receiving authorization from state's Department of Financial Services.

Enigma will conduct the first public demonstration of its "secret contracts" protocol, which revamps smart contracts to provide data privacy.

Jesse Powell and Erik Voorhees delivered red-meat rhetoric but also made subtler points about New York's cryptocurrency regulations at Consensus 2018.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announced the release of a common technical specification at Consensus 2018 on Wednesday.

Crypto / Re: Crypto News
« Last post by Amandeep on May 15, 2018, 12:49:38 PM »
AlphaPoint Launches Framework for Real Estate Blockchain Tokens Crypto services firm AlphaPoint unveiled a new framework Monday aimed at supporting the launch of blockchain tokens backed by regulated assets.

Polish Financial Watchdog To Fund Anti-Crypto Social Media Campaign Poland’s Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) is conducting a social media campaign about the risks of investing in cryptocurrency, according to a May 10 post on the KNF’s website. KNF has placed a tender order of 615,000 zloty (around $173,000) to plan and conduct the campaign, which focuses on the…...

GoTenna Launches a Bitcoin Wallet That Works Without the Internet If James Bond needed to use bitcoin on a secret mission in the jungle, he probably couldn’t drop by a Starbucks to use the wifi. Since internet connections aren’t always available, reliable or private, cryptocurrency users need alternative ways to connect to the network. has gained a reputation among the cryptocurrency community for being the first major retailer to check bitcoin as a means of payment and for accepting over 40 digital coins today. The company, however, is more focused in the underlying technology as it continues to invest in the blockchain development to reform the ‘trust economy.’......

18 May 2018, the five-star Hilton Kyiv Hotel (Kyiv, Ukraine) will host NEXT BLOCK Conference, an outstanding event on blockchain, crypto, and ICO, featuring the industry leaders, investors, and startup CEOs. The conference will be concluded by Official FTV Coin Deluxe Party, the most fabulous crypto-party 2018 in Eastern Europe.

With the absence of formal rules leaving gray areas, panelists at Consensus 2018 argued that crypto firms should lead the way with self-regulation.

ASICs offer security. GPUs offer decentralization. The answer might come down to your view of governments.

Early industry investors argued that US regulators must provide clarity in order for investors to capitalize on blockchain opportunities.

"The drift to a non-uniform currency could become a serious issue for the us if cryptocurrency reaches a large volume of trade."

HSBC and ING have performed a claimed world-first trade finance transaction on a single blockchain system for agri-food firm Cargill.

A group of former Deloitte blockchain specialists are joining a startup seeking to launch a token for the global supply chain.

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