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Crypto / Re: Crypto News
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Cryptocurrency trading just became faster and easier than ever before with the launch of Wisebitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency trading service offering leverage levels up to 20:1 utilizing the MetaTrader 5 trading engine. KINGSTOWN, ST VINCENT AND GRENADINES MAY 26, 2018— Wisebitcoin is pleased to announce that their pioneering cryptocurrency trading platform is now up and running. The platform utilizes the MT5 trading engine and has earned the distinction of becoming the first ever crypto ...

CryptoKitties Charity Auction Raises $15K for Children’s Hospital CryptoKitties just helped raise $15,000 for a children’s hospital. Bella’s Kitty Den, a marketplace for CryptoKitties, launched a charitable initiative – Kitties for a Cause – in April 2018 to raise funds for the Seattle Children’s Hospital, according to a medium post. The effort raised 21.6 ether…...

Czech Energy Company to Crowdfund Projects, Sell Gas With Crypto A Czech gas and energy company Pražská plynárenská is planning to crowdfund energy projects in and around Prague with cryptocurrency, local news outlet Hospodářské noviny reported May 25.

Speaking on the future of central banking, Mark Carney says the primary role of banks is maintain trust in money. As for cryptocurrencies, a Bank of England-backed coin is, for now, not being seriously considered because the current volatility inherent in the coins prevent them from being a secure medium of exchange. At the panel......

Adult actress Stormy Daniels has partnered with Vice Industry Token to add cryptocurrency incentives for website users.

World Talks / Re: Germany
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Indian States News / Re: Himachal Pradesh
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EMPLOYEES NEWS / Re: Indian Railway Employees
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EMPLOYEES NEWS / Re: Indian Railway Employees
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EMPLOYEES NEWS / Re: Indian Railway Employees
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