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Teachers News / Re: Teachers News Daily Updated
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Teachers News / Re: Teachers News Daily Updated
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India Talks / Re: Karnataka elections
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Top News / Re: Yashwant Sinha
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Crypto / Re: Crypto News
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Crypto “revolution” has been most evident in the fintech sector but it slowly making inroads in other areas and even artists are beginning to appreciate the benefits that cryptocurrency can bring. A series of articles by Tim Schneider from ArtnetNews pretty much sums up the current state of play in the art world and the digital economy, and I urge anyone who is interested in the topic to review those in greater detail.

Bitcoin Cash is already seeing a price bump as the next hard fork approaches in less than a month. Faster transactions and new operation codes coming. Hard Fork will Make Bitcoin Cash Faster As the granddaddy of all cryptocurrency Bitcoin was a revolutionary idea built on groundbreaking technology, devised by an unknown, or group of unknown geniuses.......

Australia’s Hunter Energy has signed a contract with the IOT Group, a cryptocurrency mining firm, in an effort to reopen a coal power plant in the Hunter Valley Region of Australia. The move would sell electricity at wholesale costs to blockchain companies in an effort to encourage blockchain innovation in the country.

Tezos Co-Founder Sanctioned By US Financial Watchdog The co-founder of Tezos, the cryptocurrency project that made headlines with its $232 million initial coin offering last year, has received a sanction order from a U.S. financial regulator.

Online casino gambling is the biggest industry on the web right now and if you’ve ever wanted to build your very own online casino, now is the best time to do so! 2018 is the year for the entrepreneur and the internet adventurer, with all sorts of possibilities now available.

Reports this week erroneously suggested that Quebec's Chief Scientist dismissed concerns about the illicit usage of bitcoin, his office said.

Russia's supreme court has ordered a municipal court in St. Petersburg to consider an appeal from a blocked cryptocurrency information site.

The Department of Justice has unveiled fraud charges against a co-founder of cryptocurrency startup Centra.

Bitcoin may be inching up of late but the market for alternative cryptocurrencies remains a choppy sea of big winners and losers.

The cloud computing giant's offering comes just as Digital Asset, another enterprise blockchain firm, announces a developer kit for smart contracts.

A lesser-known bitcoin indicator appears to be undergoing a notable change, one that could signal where the crypto asset's price is heading.

The European Parliament has voted for regulations to prevent the use of cryptocurrencies in money laundering and terrorism financing.

Arthur Breitman, co-founder of cryptocurrency project Tezos, has been barred by FINRA from any association with broker-dealers for two years.

Belgium has contributed €2 Million to support U.N. World Food Programme projects, including its blockchain payments pilot for Syrian refugees.

Top News / Re: Narendra Modi
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Top News / Re: Narendra Modi
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Top News / Re: Narendra Modi
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