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News related to
« on: October 17, 2014, 06:35:14 AM »
40% of registered central government employees absent from work –

Blame it on Urban development minister M Venkaiah Naidu. He made a couple of surprise visits to his ministry in June and July and a government attendance website was launched, which is throwing up stunning figures of attendance in central government offices. If is to be believed, nearly 40% of central government employees tend to be absent from work on any single working day of the week. is a live website and tracks attendance minute by minute

For example, on Friday, October 10, of 50,587 central government employees registered with, the recently launched “attendance website” by the Modi government, only 27,553 were present. The remaining 22,000 odd employees had not turned up for work for whatever reason.

The story of this bureaucratic-lethargy started when, soon after taking charge of the Urban development ministry, Naidu checked into Nirman Bhavan, once on June 12, and then on July 28. “That is when late coming to office was noticed. Shri Naidu then directed ministry officials to take necessary measures to ensure punctuality at work,” says a PIB note issued on August 13.

Very soon biometric attendance marker systems were installed in Nirman Bhavan. Other ministries followed suit, and the ‘Babu’ was forced to answer to an electronic roll-call, mornings and evenings. was simultaneously launched. It took some days but now the website is in full flow, and throwing up numbers that tell the story in numbers.

Modelled on the lines of Jharkhand government’s attendance website, it has a dashboard which gives an overview of daily attendance activity of every employee registered with it, and will very soon become a centralised database of and for all central government employees.

The numbers on show that the biometric attendance system has so far not done much to change Babu-behaviour. Playing truant continues though “late coming to office” might have stopped to an extent.

The figures are graphic on Bureaucratic-lethargy is seen across the board, cutting across ministries and departments. For instance, in Naidu’s ministry of urban development (MOUD), where it all started, 345 employees were present on Friday, out of a total of 463 biometric-registered employees.

Other departments did not depart from the script. Out of the 1006 self-registered and department-verified employees of the department of rural development, only 429 marked attendance on Friday. In the case of ministry of water resources, the numbers were 1034 and 439. Directorate general of supplies and disposals (DGS&D): 1143 and 409. Department of Science: 351/889. The total at all these four departments: 3487/9846.

In CPWD, which too is governed by the MOUD, of the 6444 registered employees, on 754 were on attendance on Friday. Contacted by dna, CPWD’s nodal officer for biometric attendance, K C Singh, said, “I am not competent to speak on this issue.” He was dead serious. A call to the Ministry of Finance elicited a somewhat similar reply. The person who answered the call said, “Please call on Monday. I do not know the name of the nodal officer.”

As of Friday, 149 government organisations & departments had registered with this unique attendance website. More are expected to sign in. The ubiquitous Babu is finally under the scanner, and unwilling to talk of the experience. is doing all the talking.


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Re: News related to
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2014, 06:59:37 AM »
Central Government Employees start work late, stay late – The Hindu
The occasional surprise checks by Union Ministers to see if government employees are reporting to work on time may not have brought in 100 per cent compliance, but employees aren’t as late to office as widely perceived.

The Hindu got exclusive access to one week of Central government attendance data, thanks to the first publicly available database of employees, and found that employees tend to be a bit late in getting to work, but most work a full day.

Two weeks ago, the Union government launched, a web portal that allows live tracking of over 50,000 Central government employees the moment he signs in and out of work.

Central Government Employees start work late, stay late
Central Government Employees start work late, stay late
Using a Unique Identification Number (UID)-enabled back-end, the system allows the employees’ sign-in to be authenticated and uploaded to the website in under two seconds. Personally identifiable information about individual employees is not available for public view.

Getting to work at 9 a.m. sharp is still a challenge. Just over 20 per cent of the employees swiped in by 9 on most days, but attendance picks up in the 9 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. period, when the largest number of swipe-ins takes place. The median in-time, The Hindu found, is 9.18 a.m.

Consequently, the employees leave office a little late, with 5 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. being the swipe out time among most. The median exit is 5.45 p.m.

The numbers show that on most days — except Friday, the last working day, — eight of 10 Central government employees worked for at least eight hours. This figure is only indicative as some employees appear to be making errors while swiping in or out.

Junior employees come in earlier than those higher up the bureaucracy, but this could be on account of the fact that senior bureaucrats’ days often begin with meetings in other offices and locations, an Additional Secretary whom The Hindu reached for comment said.

“We are very clear that what we are offering are the tools for measurement. Decisions on what to do with attendance data is not our job — that is for the personnel ministry,” Ram Sewak Sharma, Secretary, Department of Electronics and Information Technology, who is responsible for the project, told The Hindu.

Mr. Sharma launched Jharkhand’s version of the attendance portal during his stint there as Chief Secretary after his posting as Director-General of the Unique Identification Authority of India.

Individual employees’ data in the new Central government portal is not available for public view, but the organisation shared one week’s data — after anonymising it — with The Hindu for analysis.

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