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Kerala 10th Pay Commission Report
« on: July 15, 2015, 04:57:13 PM »


It is a matter of interest for central government pensioners, including BSNL Retirees, what the 10th State Pay Commission of Kerala has recommended for Kerala government service pensioners and teachers. Hence, some more information.

Minimum Pension: It was Rs 150 in 1985, Rs 285 in 1988,Rs 375 in 1993, and Rs 1275 in 1997.

Now the 10th SPC has recommended a minimum pension of Rs 8500 from 1-7-2014.As in central service, minimum pension shall not be less than 50% of the new revised minimum pay. [ 50% of the pay scale or the post from which retired, whichever is beneficial.] Commission feels that One Rank One Pension scheme cannot be practically implemented in Kerala.Maximum pension shall be Rs 60,000.

Family Pension: Minimum shall be Rs 8500 and maximum Rs 36000 from 1-7-2014.

Date of Effect: Revision is from 1-7-2014.

Rate of Pension: 50% of last ten months average basic pay.Demand for 50% Last Pay Drawn not accepted.

Qualifying service for full pension: 30 years reduced to 25 years.Old pensioners are also eligible. But, no arrears for the period prior to 1-7-2014.

Fixation: 80% DA is merged and then 18% of existing basic pension/family pension is given as fitment benefit.

[For the Serving employees and teachers, the fitment benefit is only 12%.]

DCRG: Ceiling is raised from Rs 7 lakhs to Rs 14 lakhs.

Commutation: It is restored after 12 years in Kerala.No change proposed.

Additional pension to senior pensioners: . Not recommended.

Medical allowance: Rs 300 per month, no change suggested as medical Insurance is under consideration of the Government.

Superannuation: Retirement age was 56 years. Recommended to raise it to 58 years.



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