Author Topic: Humans are making even chameleon to shy  (Read 3533 times)


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Humans are making even chameleon to shy
« on: August 09, 2014, 04:22:45 PM »
Humans are making even chameleon to shy

As hard as it may be to recognize. There isn't always sincerity that sits behind every smiling face. And in a world where betrayal and deceit is so common it's always best to know the type of people you are associating with and whether or not their good intentions are actually genuine.

Fake friends exist just as much, if not more, than real friends. But like the finest piece of silver or gold it can be very hard to tell it's authenticity. In fact,  we are willing to bet that right now in your very close circle of friends there sits quite a few individuals who are as fake and phony as they come.

Being teacher if we try to conduct an experiment to test your students that they will respect you and other teachers after they complete schooling then you'll see imagining results as you'll see that most of students just forget their teachers while few there are who kept life time respect, and even strange thing can happen if you note it down minutely,  then see students of plus one, who were your students a few months ago now not even feel to say good morning to you.

It's very bad but truth that everyone observe this phenomenon not just for schools but almost in all offices, work places and especially with your friends & relatives.

Even sometimes if a retire boss come to his own  office then difficult to get even a seat to sit as employees even just don't care to notice his presence in office. May this is due to human brain and the way normally brain works, but with practice some honesty can inculcate in brain to love those who are not so important for us now and avoid such a selfishness.

Sometimes we feel that someone is by our side and close to us just because of a human relation and not for any other reason, and truth comes out when we  able to find true face of fake friend. A fake friend is like the RAIN, it comes and goes away. A true friend is like the AIR, sometimes it's silent but always there.

It's very difficult to find someone who just be with you because of you as human and not for any other reason,  if you have an experiment and try to look at your close one that why he is be with you and if you able to find some reasons like money, position or even faith, then just try to say him that you don't have now that very thing  for him and then note down his behavior for some days and you'll get the hidden truth.

Everything has a purpose. Fake people are here for us to know who the real ones are. Sometimes situation arises which makes your common known ones in two groups and you see that to whom you consider on your side actually not, may it hurts a while but it's best way to know the truth, otherwise even years are not enough to make you realize their true faces.

In age of whatsapp and facebook, when we have too many people, to whom we says friends, is high time to differentiate in between real and fake. In society every day we encounter people who changes their colour that even make chameleon shy.

In start, studentsí example is given as this problem can be solved by teachers only, as if teachers try to train their students for honesty and selfless then it may a boon for whole humanity.  Teachers can play a vital role to creates good mannered humans out of raw kids, and inculcate moral and social values, those needed in any civilized society

Jack Elixir


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Re: Humans are making even chameleon to shy
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2014, 11:07:37 AM »
i liked the line 'A true friend is like the AIR, sometimes it's silent but always there.'



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